Delight residential customers
with an exceptional
Wi-Fi experience

Wi-Fi Certification

Field Operations to Customer Care to Business Operations teams benefit from a fully integrated view of the in-home Wi-Fi experience,  achieving world-class business outcomes

Problem Statement

  • Inconsistent installation quality resulting in slow and inconsistent Wi-Fi speeds.

  • Limited Wi-Fi coverage of the home.

  • Lack remote diagnosis of degraded streaming, gaming and other services over Wi-Fi.

Capabilities Summary

  • Wi-Fi Certification
    Ensure the installation is done right the first time.

  • Proactive Monitoring
    Continuous collection of     Wi-Fi KPIs to help identify root cause of intermittent problems.

  • Remote Troubleshooting
    Empower Care team and customers to diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi problems without escalation.

  • Assurance Analytics
    Discover problems and initiate actions to resolve.

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Reduced OPEX

  • Increased ability for Care to resolve Wi-Fi problems without escalating.

  • Decrease unnecessary dispatches, repeat truck rolls, and needless hardware swaps.

  • Enable customers to diagnosis and resolve their own Wi-Fi issues, deflecting calls from Care team.

Provide residential customers with an exceptional Wi-Fi experience

  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds.

  • More cohesive Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Improved reliability of services dependant on Wi-Fi.

Residential Wi-Fi certification and assurance delivers value through:

  • Increasing Net Promotor Score while differentiating your Wi-Fi service from other CSPs.

  • Reduction Wi-Fi calls to Care team.

  • Enabling Field resources to preform more new installs by reducing the need to re-visit enterprises due to Wi-Fi problems.

Pairing deep domain expertise in telecommunications
with advanced, human-centered automation, Mariner is a uniquely qualified service and solution provider.

Wi-Fi Certification & Assurance