The Technology

The Technology

The consumer video market is evolving. Are you?

Content is increasingly viewed on multiple platforms for more hours, driving a shift in video industry models. Service providers – including telco, satellite and cable – need monitoring and analytics software solutions that build real-time views of video performance, both inside and outside the home.

Mariner xVu™’s core platform addresses the economies of scale needed for the new and innovative service bundles, supporting IP-based and IP-enhanced consumer offerings across all delivery network environments and service provider types.

With our recent, evolutionary xVu 5 update, our software meets the flexibility, scalability and speed-to-market demands of the new service environment for stakeholders, enhancing service assurance in three significant ways:

  1. More flexible troubleshooting and root cause analysis, by expanding the data correlation and grouping relationships and enabling auto-detection of anomaly patterns and signatures;
  2. Increased scalability to handle hundreds of millions of devices in a single xVu instance, compared with tens of millions of devices supported by the previous version; and
  3. Improved data ingestion capabilities, allowing quicker and easier integration of the variety of data sources needed to monitor today’s multiservice ecosystems.

With an increasingly diverse and broad service domain, the benefits to service providers include operational savings and customer satisfaction through insightful correlation, triangulation, inference and automation across networks, content and the home. The updated platform supports a variety of applications, including customer care, field service, network operations, service operations, and service management and marketing.

Mariner has raised the bar on service assurance.

Contact us to learn more about how our evolutionary xVu 5 update future-proofs customer investment in our world leading monitoring and analytics platform.