The in-home Wi-Fi environment is increasingly complex and dynamic.
Are you struggling to deliver consistent, high quality Wi-Fi to your customers?

Wi-Fi has become the primary source of internet connectivity in the home with exponential growth on the number and type of devices connected every day

This brings a host of opportunities for service providers, at the same time it poses a number of issues that can negatively impact customer experience: slow and inconsistent Wi-Fi speeds, limited Wi-Fi coverage and degraded streaming, gaming and voice calling.

Failure to resolve the challenges of the complex in-home Wi-Fi environment result in a decline in overall customer satisfaction and a negative impact on the bottom line, affecting all levels of the organization.

A service assurance solution for the complex in-home Wi-Fi environment is necessary for service providers to ensure a consistent, high quality Wi-Fi experience

Service providers require situational awareness and control of the in-home Wi-Fi experience offered to customers, so they may address: inconsistent installation quality, lack of visibility into Wi-Fi quality of experience (QoE) and lack of remote troubleshooting capabilities.

XpertVu for Wi-Fi is a powerful certification and performance monitoring solution-set built exclusively for the service provider’s enterprise environment.

“[Mariner xVu’s] ideas and ingenuity have produced an app that outdoes any other Wi-Fi analysis tool. When you’ve got a tool like this to release to your workforce, it makes it easy to provide support and answers. Likewise, when you’ve got a vendor like Mariner who is flexible and smart, it makes it a pleasure to suggest ideas that are latched onto and taken beyond what you imagined.”

– Project Leader, Field Operations Tier 1 Service Provider

What if your team could entertain customers with the best in-home Wi-Fi experience from day one?

XpertVu for Wi-Fi maximizes the service providers’ hardware investment by giving front line technicians a tool to guide optimal access point placement, ensuring ‘first time right’ installations. The signature mobile application allows the field team to certify speeds, signal, interference levels before leaving the home. Using machine learning algorithms XpertVu for Wi-Fi monitors quality standards set by the service provider across all hardware vendors, alerting when quality of experience is impacted and advising the care team, or customer, on how best to resolve the problem. Assurance analytics allow for measurement and verification of performance and trend actionable performance characteristics.

Take a look inside your customers’ home – XpertVu for Wi-Fi enables complete visibility into the speed, reliability and entertainment experience of your Wi-Fi customer from the beginning



Wi-Fi Certification
Ensure the installation is done right the first time


Proactive Monitoring
Consistently maintain optimal performance


Remote Troubleshooting
Empower care teams and customers to diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi problems without a home visit

Assurance Analytics
Discover where problems exist, determine how pervasive they are and how to resolve them

XpertVu for Wi-Fi – service assurance for the complex in-home Wi-Fi environment. Contact us to find out more!