Your consumers’ viewing habits are changing – dramatically. Where they once relied on the traditional TV experience to provide the content they wanted, they’re increasingly moving toward media provided through what’s been variously described as Over-The-Top content, TV Everywhere or MobileTV. These more flexible viewing experiences are also crossing network boundaries, including linear TV delivery, managed IP, best efforts broadband and cellular, resulting in multiple layers to your network. The result is an equally dramatic increase in the variety and complexity of issues that may arise, in an environment presenting several different topologies to analyze and diagnose.


Mariner xVu gives you the ability to overcome these challenges by providing multiple views of those topologies in a parallel, flexible way. Think of it as providing you with a coherent, single pane of glass that encompasses a broad view of your entire service domain.




Our monitoring software then builds and presents performance indicators that are relevant to each technological domain and for each targeted stakeholder, such as customer care and marketing.

Mariner xVu provides you with the tools you need to not only monitor and maintain today’s increasingly complex video systems but to also make fully informed decisions on how you can improve that service for your customer.