Service Assurance Automation

Service Assurance Automation

For the Best Visibility into your Customers’ Experiences

The operations teams at Broadband Service Providers face challenges of providing the best experiences offering more content, on more types of device, where on-demand and broadband mobility are key elements of bundled offers. In the face of complexity and evolving multi-vendor networks, the leaders focus on subscriber experience and service excellence, which means end-point visibility is critical.

Traditional tools run on specialized hardware that is expensive to buy, and more expensive to run as it ages. Mariner xVu is a dynamic software solution that runs on standard virtualized servers, and turns your service delivery end points into virtual probes. It leverages log, data and alarm files from service impacting systems, and delivers time aligned, real-time monitoring of millions of streams. Operations gain visibility into root cause issues across the whole network before they become expensive, and Customer Care will see service issues in the network and the home, reducing call times and un-necessary truck rolls.

Subscriber Quality

Mariner’s Automated Service Assurance Analytics Solution provides superior value given its cost advantage from virtual servers and storage, and has been field hardened and proven to scale in the world’s largest Video and Broadband networks. A core competence is to combine extensive experience and domain knowledge with AI and machine-learning techniques, allowing Intelligent Correlation coupled with Topology Awareness that delivers insights to software. Hardware and content issues. Of particular importance in today’s evolving consumer services space, it also provides exceptional visibility into the increasingly Wi-Fi centric home and its many devices.

With Mariner xVu you can harvest and analyse more types of data from different vendors and systems, which gives you better visibility as you add new services, and consumers use more devices. With Web calls and open API’s the Mariner xVu system will complement and enhance your workflow systems, and give you the flexibility you want when adopting the tools for your employee interfaces and BSS systems for account data.

Features of Service Assurance Automation

Detecting IP Network Degradations

  • Through Intelligent multi-dimensional correlation and machine learning
  • All consumer devices are monitored continuously

Providing Network Operations with actionable insights

  • Endpoint reports are collected/processed/displayed in real-time

Providing Field Proven Endpoint Software Defined Monitoring

  • Multiple source ingestion capabilities (incl. CDN, DOCSIS, …)

Providing Enhanced Time-aligned Processing

  • Network versatility (anywhere)
  • Fragmented service consumption (anytime)

Softward Defined Monitoring for TVE