Self-Installation for Fixed Wireless Broadband Services

Self-Install for Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless broadband expands reach at very low CAPEX. With the right tools, consumers can confidently certify their own service.

Problem Statement

  • Poor installation quality leads to higher costs, offsetting CAPEX benefits.

  • First impressions count; new customers are easily frustrated.

  • First-time right for consumers requires a new level of simplicity.

Capabilities Summary

  • CPE Birth Certificate Generation
    Detailed in-service record of settings and performance.

  • Multi-Device UI
    Intuitive white label interface on phone, computer or TV.

  • Multi-Service Testing
    Validate access, Wi-Fi and Video services all at once.

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Lower OPEX

  • Birth certificate spans multiple services, providing an objective baseline from which to benchmark future performance and configuration.

  • Deep technical understanding of the entire service life cycle for each consumer.

  • Determine performance trends and new impairments since installation (when combined with continuous monitoring).

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Consumers feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment by being part of the service installation.

  • A highly-polished, branded experience delivers on your brand promise.

  • Highly-summarized UI protects the consumer from overwhelming technical details.

Self-Installation of fixed wireless CPE delivers value:

  • A modern, highly-automated self-service experience that delights your customers when it ‘just works’.
  • Exploiting the economic benefits of fixed wireless broadband while holding down operating costs.

  • Differentiated service offering from the very beginning, setting you apart from clumsier competition.

Pairing deep domain expertise in telecommunications
with advanced, human-centered automation, Mariner is a uniquely qualified service and solution provider.

Self-Install for Fixed Wireless