Automatically detect and resolve CPE problems

Self-Healing CPE

Resolve STB, RG and access network issues automatically using machine learning technology without human intervention. Measure success rates of self-healing actions and analyze targeted devices to understand root causes.

Problem Statement

  • Costly calls to help desk end up being resolved by simple remote actions.

  • Customer satisfaction is impaired by problems even if the customer is able to resolve themselves.

  • CSP resources tied up applying predictable and repeatable actions to resolve problems.

Capabilities Summary

  • Signature Filters
    Machine learning algorithms identify CPE with problems and remote fix likely to resolve.

  • Self-Healing Connector
    Integrates with OSS APIs to issue remote fixes to CPE.

  • QoE Dashboard
    Measures success rate of self-healing actions.

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Lower OPEX through call deflection

  • Proactive resolution of issues reduce the likelihood a customer will report a problem or even notice it.

  • Less calls to help desk reduce the likelihood to dispatch.

  • Less dispatches result in reduced no-trouble-found swaps.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Proactive resolution of issues means the service is more likely to work as expected when the customer uses it.

  • Remove the need for customers to ‘tinker’ with the service for it to work.

Auto-detecting and resolving CPE problems delivers value:

  • Reduction in trouble/support calls.

  • Reduction in the likelihood a customer will churn due to technical problems.

  • Improved NPS as a result of improved quality of experience.

Pairing deep domain expertise in telecommunications
with advanced, human-centered automation, Mariner is a uniquely qualified service and solution provider.

Self-Healing CPE