Outside Plant Performance Management using Cable Modem Telemetry

Outside Plant Management

Monitor DOCSIS broadband QoE and PNM data to assess impact and root cause of RF coaxial impairments near the customers’ premises.

Problem Statement

  • Last mile coaxial RF impairments impact broadband QoE.

  • Care agents have poor visibility and speculatively dispatch field technicians.

  • Outside Plant field technicians lose valuable time searching for root cause of RF impairments.

Capabilities Summary

  • Cable Modem Data Correlation
    Real-time analysis of DOCSIS broadband QoE and PNM data.

  • Historical Trending
    Detailed performance analysis.

  • Scalable Across Deployment
    Monitor entire subscriber base pro-actively.

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Lower OPEX from Smarter Work Orders

  • Avoid unnecessary premise technician dispatches.

  • Effectively prioritize outside plant technician dispatches.

  • Reduce outside plant MTTR.

Smarter CAPEX Planning Through Better Performance Benchmarks

  • Instantly identify parts of the access network with lower RF performance.

  • Help make smart planning decisions for Fibre Deep deployment.

Outside Plant performance management delivers value:

  • Better quality Outside Plant RF performance records result in more informed Field Operations and Network Planning decisions.

  • Improve management of the field technician workforce.

  • Using objective RF performance data, the service provider can make smarter decisions when deploying Fibre Deep (i.e. fix or replace).

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Outside Plant Management