Wi-Fi certification problems

Wi-Fi certification problems

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Today’s homes have an ever-growing number of devices connecting and streaming and those numbers continue to grow. Yet, tools and processes have not evolved adequately for service providers to certify and report, at the time of installation, that the customer has had a “competitive” Wi-Fi experience. Field technicians often rely on using their own personal devices (e.g. smartphones) to ‘test’ a Wi-Fi installation. However, these solutions have their limitations:

Free apps have their price:

There are apps available today that provide insight into the Wi-Fi environment. Some of these apps are free and used by field technicians as their only tool to test Wi-Fi.

WaveGuide is the first app to combine a tool with a workflow, integrate a backend solution to certify an environment at the time of install, and record the results for future reference and reporting. Other apps rely on the user to establish their own workflow and interpretation of results. No other current apps offer a backend solution … except WaveGuide.

Hardware toolsets are expensive:

While hardware-based scanners are highly capable, they are often expensive and tailored for large scale enterprise or managed Wi-Fi deployments. While they rely on basic OS/device facilities and APIs and can provide troubleshooting functions, they lack the guided drill-down approach required to minimize service call times and to normalize the certification process. They also rely on proprietary hardware sets, making upgrades for future Wi-Fi technology difficult.

Mariner WaveGuide

A simple workflow solution

WaveGuide provides a simple, intuitive workflow for any field technician to quickly set up and certify that a new install will provide the best possible Wi-Fi service.

We designed WaveGuide to guide technicians from the start of a Wi-Fi installation to the finish, while sticking closely to existing processes. This minimizes site visit and training times. Since AP placement is critical in Wi-Fi performance, we help technicians identify the best locations in the home for the AP for the best Wi-Fi signal coverage and the least interference from neighbouring APs. We help them certify their work by measuring their installation against pre-defined quality standards and, at the click of a button, allow the results to be stored offsite for future analysis and investigation. The result: Wi-Fi that your customers will be satisfied with and recommend to others.


WaveGuide is designed for easy operation by field technicians and removes guesswork from the equation. Questions like “Where should the AP be installed?”, “Does the customer need an extender?” and “What configuration do I use for optimized streaming?” are all answered by WaveGuide.

WaveGuide also turns the ad hoc process of Wi-Fi installation into a guided workflow so operators can adopt it in their SLA process. With automated optimization, self-healing and back-end integration to OSS/BSS system – including the Mariner xVu platform – WaveGuide is a complete end-to-end solution.

configuration-iconOptimize Access
Point Placement

WaveGuide checks for interference, congestion and signal strength coverage around the home and finds the best location for AP placement.


A guided drill-down approach that leaves little to no interpretation of the results by the service technicians. Intuitive user interface makes the process easy.


Intelligent algorithms analyze the current configuration against ever changing environmental factors and interferences to recommend optimal configuration.


Taking dynamic configuration optimization one step further, WaveGuide integrates to the configuration management service to automatically make changes to the AP.

certificate-iconShared Certification

Certification process and data collected is pushed to a central repository and can be accessed by field technicians, care and operations groups.


Integration into the Mariner xVu platform allows for simple and scalable interface for the automated data collection and correlated reporting with other devices.

Business Benefits

WaveGuide equips field technicians with a tool designed to address current gaps in the ability to certify Wi-Fi installations. Technicians are given the confidence they need in the quality of service they are providing to the customer.

WaveGuide provides the assurance related to Wi-Fi service, AP placement, signal coverage, channel selection and overall installation quality at the time of installation. In addition to standardized workflow and reporting capability for every Wi-Fi installation, operators also benefit from back-end integration to OSS/BSS system, including the Mariner xVu platform, resulting in a complete solution.

smartphone-iconControlling a
Key Factor of NPS

In-home streaming is dependent on Wi-Fi. Controlling a key factor in customer satisfaction is where WaveGuide provides insight previously not available. Integrating the AP provides continual monitoring of quality of service.

  • Certification of Wi-Fi coverage
  • Birth certificate of installation
  • Back-end reporting for metrics

stats-iconUpselling & Business

Improved Wi-Fi creates confidence in the customer to stream more high value content. WaveGuide backend integration provides the ability to strategically improve service for competitive insight.

  • Competitive insights on user base
  • Adoption trend for high speed services
  • Customer agent guidance

financial-iconOperational &
Financial Benefits

By way of a proper and more complete and competitive service installation – and a faster more reliable workflow process – WaveGuide makes Wi-Fi commissioning efficient and cost effective.

  • Reduced time to install/troubleshoot
  • Reduction in customer calls and truck rolls
  • Prevent churn through higher customer satisfaction