Network and Service Operations

Network and Service Operations



Mariner XpertVu OPS – Raise the Bar on Performance Visibility

Network Operations are faced with serious challenges when it comes to getting a view into network issues. Identifying soft

Network and Service Operations are faced with serious challenges when it comes to getting a view into issues. Identifying soft failures that negatively impact services, and the high cost of scaling hardware probes to monitor the entire end-to-end network and service ecosystem (particularly the edge) are all too common realities. Operators also need the right information to help guide their maintenance and investment decisions. And preventing customer churn caused by poor QoE is always top of mind.

Mariner XpertVu OPS is the latest generation of Mariner’s world leading and highly cost-effective consumer IP service assurance functionality for operations teams, providing real-time alerts for your entire network and service ecosystem.


Real time triangulation of service quality. Pinpoint network and service problems fast, effectively and confidently with subscriber-centric monitoring and Mariner XpertVu’s unique automated correlation and root cause analysis methodology.

Beyond the reach of traditional server-side and network-centric management systems. Get visibility into “blind spots” and “silent failures”.

Complete visibility. Monitor the complete service health of your networks and services across 100% of subscriber devices.

Full topology awareness. Understand the true impact to your customers with a dynamically maintained service map of every node in your network.

Multi-level performance reports. Integrate with more data sources for one view that includes neighbourhood, region, channel, head end, probes, and more.

Insight into what matters. Provides data that allows you to prioritize your response when customers are impacted by service issues.

With customer service in mind. Accelerate problem isolation and diagnostic time, cost-effectively getting your customers back to full service.




Technical specs

  • Extends traditional monitoring to include ‘real time’ service assurance of the customer experience wherever it may be: head end, distribution network, local loop, middleware, broadcast channel, VOD asset, content location, application error, device compatibility issue, etc.
  • Real-time impact assessment of an issue – know the severity, the triggering KPI, how many subscribers, where they’re located and who they are.
  • Proactively segments service-affecting issues for faster diagnosis; HD vs. SD channels, region vs. neighbourhood vs. city, cable vs. JWI vs. loop, home network vs. individual set-top box, etc.
  • Collects, records and analyzes “transient” errors, with historical trending reports.
  • Accelerate service deployment with confidence, shorten trial cycles with focused diagnostics to monitor the impact of upgrades and change.
  • Flexible, standards-based integration to leverage existing investments in probes, EMS, and OSS/BSS using web services or SNMP technologies (quickly and simply with Mariner xVu™ integration tools).