Consumer Self Care

Consumer Self Care

Better customer experience through service assurance automation.

A helpdesk dependent model for customer care can be frustrating for the consumer and expensive for your business. Recent research indicates telecommunications consumers prefer self-care to the traditional help desk care model. 

Digital customer service also provides superior customer satisfaction: our research shows that 76 percent of telecommunications customers are satisfied with a customer service journey that is fully digital, compared with 57 percent satisfaction for interactions through traditional channels. – McKinsey

Now is the time to give your customers what they are looking for.

Mariner XpertVu Self Care  provides an immediate, automatic diagnosis of key issues impacting the consumers’ quality of experience (QoE), using Investigators based on over a decade of insight and intelligence as the market leader in IP service assurance automation to pinpoint problem areas and guide the customer easily toward resolution.

With the guidance of our AI solution, your customers will solve most problems themselves – no need to call the helpdesk.  Truck rolls are limited to only those complex issues requiring a professional technician. XpertVu Self Care automatically detects when a field technician is needed and helps the customer easily schedule an appointment – again no need to call the helpdesk. As an added benefit, the scheduled visit is a ‘smart truck roll’, targeted with information allowing the technician to be as efficient as possible once onsite.

Live help is always available to the subscriber, but directed to a lower cost channel, like chat for maximum efficiency. XpertVu Self Care enables a ‘smart ticket’ that tracks the customers’ activity relating to their immediate problem, so your chat agent has all the relevant information at their fingertips.

75% of surveyed say self-service is a convenient way to address service issues. – Nuance Enterprise