The global leader in IP Video and IP-enhanced-PayTV monitoring

Mariner is the world leader in Software Defined Monitoring for managed and unmanaged IP video, IP-enhanced-PayTV and broadband networks. Our software helps operators centrally manage the complexity required to deliver new video services with real-time visibility into Subscriber Experience – Anywhere. Mariner xVu™ allows service providers to offer a reliable, high-quality viewing experience; rapidly isolate IP video and IP-enhanced-PayTV network issues; and cost-effectively reduce truck rolls and call volume to ensure a superior broadband and TV service.

Mariner xVu™ is the world’s most deployed IP video and IP-enhanced-PayTV monitoring solution.

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Mariner has over 150 professionals with unique experience and diverse skills.

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Cut these areas of profit loss from your in-home Wi-Fi (Your bottom line will thank you)

Understanding the nuances of the complex in-home Wi-Fi environment and the challenges faced by service providers, we’ve developed a cohesive solution that is scalable and secure; ready to deliver value across the business immediately.  From Field Operations to Customer Care to Business Operations teams, your entire business will benefit from a cohesive ecosystem that works within your environment and interfaces with existing OSS and workflow tools.

Is your agent experience hurting your in-home Wi-Fi QoE?

Customer service and support teams often face a lack of objective, fact-based information relative to the in-home experience. Giving agents a clear view into the in-home Wi-Fi environment means being able to troubleshoot, isolate and even resolve individual subscriber problems.

Pros vs. Cons: Does your Wi-Fi certification and performance monitoring stack up?

Great Wi-Fi service assurance goes beyond installation by monitoring quality across all CPE vendors, alerting when quality of experience is impacted and advising the care team on how best to resolve the problem. A fully integrated end-to-end solution will also include assurance analytics to measure and verify performance and offer actionable insights.

Speed alone is overrated. This is how to really differentiate your in-home Wi-Fi.

The opportunity to differentiate your customer’s in-home Wi-Fi starts with day one, and it isn’t simply a matter of the creating a good first impression. Whether it is the proliferation of devices, physical density of the environment, chipset quality or devices from neighbouring residences creating interference, ‘first-time right’ installation is crucial.

Mariner xVu Announces Service Assurance Solution for In-Home Wi-Fi

Mariner xVu™ today announces XpertVu for Wi-Fi, a service assurance solution enabling service providers to entertain their customers with the best in-home Wi-Fi experience from day one. XpertVu for Wi-Fi enables complete visibility and control of the set-up, speed and reliability of the end consumer’s Wi-Fi experience.

Mariner innovating to address gap in communications industry

Mariner Partners, Inc. is developing software that will prove critical to Communication Service Providers as the industry moves away from physical network infrastructure and into software-defined virtual networks. The resulting solution, SONAR4 Assurance Analytics, will support agility in the industry and ensure the quality of customer experiences. The Government of Canada is providing a contribution of almost $3 million to support the development of this product.

Did you know Mariner is one of three Saint John companies that employ 1,000 people?

You need look no further than the city centre of Saint John to grasp the contrast between the traditional, high-profile industries and companies that have dominated the province’s economy for decades and the lower-profile IT companies that are nonetheless an increasingly important part of the province’s present and future economy.

Look forward to seeing you at CableLabs Summer 2018 Conference

Mariner xVu leverages the power of machine learning to provide real-time insight into the customer experience, enabling a higher net promoter score, reduced churn, lower OPEX and improved customer satisfaction. Transforming your raw data into high grade information to deliver instant, automated expertise for your team, the xVu engine ensures a 360O view of the customer across your whole solution.

Propel charts new course with virtual accelerator program

New programming will have profound impact on startup world in Atlantic Canada. Incite will be 100% virtual – this gives increased freedom to founders and eliminates geographical boundaries. The accelerator, which will be adaptable to each company’s needs, will focus on early-stage startups in the technology sector and run for a full 12 months. A product validation tool will also be deeply integrated into the programming which will result in stronger and more viable companies.

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Mariner assists in building stronger communities in the Maritimes by fostering entrepreneurship in different forms to advance economic and social development.


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Mariner Group is known for its venerable history, solid reputation and global client base in the IT sector.



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