Management & Marketing

Management & Marketing

Mariner ReportVu

ReportVu™ – Delivering the Insight You Need to Make the Best Management Decisions

Analyze Service Usage and Manage Quality

Mariner ReportVu™ is a management toolkit that tracks customer activity at the viewing level to offer the network and service management and marketing teams valuable viewer metrics.

  • Provides objective and detailed data: Establish baseline metrics for service planning and change management, then execute those plans knowing what to expect.
  • Avoid unnecessary work: Better data means better management directions, helping you avoid unnecessary and misdirected work.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns: Understand what your customers are experiencing and how they’re interacting with your network to develop more targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance targeted advertising-based revenue streams: Provide user-activity metrics and market statistics to advertisers and the networks.
  • Gain viewership insight: Understand how your content is supporting your business, and when it’s not.
  • Benchmark continuous improvements: Spot service quality trends and take management action to correct.

Technical Specs

Mariner ReportVu™ – DataMart

  • Tuned Data extract/archiving software to transfer Mariner xVu™ data from production database to a separate reporting database instance
  • Documentation of the Mariner ReportVu™ Database Dictionary
  • Access to summarized tables that provide rolled up summations for key data

Mariner ReportVu™ – ReportVu Manager

As Above, Plus Presentation Layer Including:

  • IP Video and IP-enhanced-PayTV QoE Dashboard
  • Errored Seconds Ad Hoc Report Creator
  • QoE Analysis Report
  • Channel Quality Report
  • Network Quality Report

Mariner ReportVu™ – MediaRoom Analysis Module

As Above, Plus MediaRoom Analysis Module Including:

  • Specialized DServer, Diagnostic and Audit Summary Tables
  • MediaRoom Analysis Ad Hoc Report Creator
  • Customer Choice of Three Additional Reports
    • Packet Loss Analysis Report
    • DServer Efficiency Report
    • Customer Churn Report
    • Sample Analysis Report
    • Receiver Discontinuity Report

Mariner ReportVu™ – A La Carte

Pick and Choose from Reports, Domains, Analytics and Professional Services

  • Reports available by A La Carte (Require MRA)
    • Packet Loss Analysis Report
    • DServer Efficiency Report
    • Customer Churn Report
    • Sample Analysis Report
    • Receiver Discontinuity Report
  • Additional Domains available by A La Carte (Requires ReportVu™ Manager)
    • Ad Hoc Channel Alarm Report Creator
    • Ad Hoc Network Alarm Report Creator
  • Professional Services
    • On Site Class Room Training
    • Ongoing Regular Remote Training
    • Ongoing SME Analysis
    • Professional IP Video and IP-enhanced-PayTV Data Analysis