Customer Care

Customer Care

Mariner xVu SupportVu

SupportVu™ – Empowering Your Customer Service Help Desk and Installation and Repair Teams

See What the Customer Sees

Built specifically for the needs of the customer service help desk, Mariner SupportVu™ gives your support staff the tools to quickly confirm, verify and isolate in-home vs. network issues to fix the problem fast.

  • View performance history: Armed with both real time and recent history views, easily investigate intermittent, tough-to-find problems with the click of a button.
  • Find and correct the problem the first time: Reduce repeat problems and improve your help desk’s first call resolution.
  • See what your customer sees: With dashboards designed to give a subscriber’s view of the service, your team can assess the customer experience in real time, without the need for your customer to describe it.
  • Improve your customer service experience: Increase your service agents’ effectiveness and improve your customer satisfaction. Reduce call volume and average handle time.
  • Reduce your mean time to repair: Reduce unnecessary truck rolls and STB replacements.
  • Remove the guesswork: Immediately compare all devices, neighbourhoods and deployment health for faster triage of problems. See details the subscriber doesn’t know or cannot accurately remember.

Technical Specs

Improve your competitive edge and profitability while providing top-notch customer service and quality of experience for your customers!

Proactive Service Assurance: Get proactive with subscriber customer service – increase loyalty and net promoter score.

Enable Smart Truck Rolls

  • Isolate the source of the trouble quickly and easily, often with the customer on the phone.
  • Reduce unnecessary, speculative truck rolls.
  • When a truck roll is required, equip the field technician with the data to fix the problem first time. (See Mariner FieldVu™)

Eliminate Blind Reboots

  • A lengthy STB reboot to clear a problem should be a last resort measure during a help desk call, but they are all too common. With enhanced diagnostics and features like reboot history, Mariner SupportVu™ gives you insight into the real problem, and tells you if the box was already recently rebooted.

Reduce Speculative STB Swaps

  • Over 80% of STBs that are swapped out prove OK in the refurbishment process. Mariner SupportVu™ allows you to identify when the STB is the real source of the trouble.

Identify Transient Troubles

  • Mariner SupportVu™ gives you a deeper understanding of performance inside and outside the home and the tools to find those intermittent, frustrating issues that drive repeat trouble calls and customer annoyance. See the health of the devices in the home relative to the neighbourhood and deployment – highlighting patterns and events that are correlated through time.

Shorten or Even Eliminate Customer Calls

  • Mariner xVu™’s unique service oriented approach to service management can alert the Help Desk to widespread network, access or outside plant problems, allowing you to quickly inform impacted subscribers when they call or even divert calls to IVR outage recordings.