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In an increasingly dynamic and complex network and service environment, the speed of useful information, insight, and direction is paramount to minimizing service disruption and enabling existing or impending degradations to be spotted and addressed before they turn into customer-affecting issues and failures.

Mariner XpertVu takes operational analytics for service providers to a new level of functionality and value, using signatures as a vehicle to characterize and capture critical end consumer metrics. XpertVu works in tandem with Mariner xVu.

xVu processes source data – the low-level metrics and raw data provided by equipment via logs, feeds and alarms.

The xVu engine processes this source data:

  • Correcting
  • Correlating
  • Aligning
  • Enriching

All in real time.

It is not an insignificant point that XpertVu is working from data that Mariner xVu is a world leader in processing.  This avoids many issues where service providers can get trapped – working from raw source data is a job that the xVu engine was designed for and it’s a world leader at doing this for service providers.  This is a significant differentiator for XpertVu.

XpertVu uses algorithms called signatures that actively monitor the xVu Data – providing notification of any significant event.  These signatures help service providers identify and resolve both acute and chronic issues. Furthermore, XpertVu is configured to trigger automated responses or remedial actions to further improve operational efficiency.  Not only does this reduce service providers direct and indirect costs, it improves customer satisfaction with the service.

It’s no longer enough to be able to process ‘Big Data’ – in today’s demanding service provider environment, the operator needs access to solutions that provide ‘Fast Data’ as well.  Providing a solution to the service providers environment that can react in real time and provide predictive capabilities is paramount for an operator to effect both operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

While Big and Fast Data are table stakes, the defining characteristic of XpertVu is ‘democratizing expertise’.  It is no longer enough to have highly specialized knowledge available deep within the service provider organization – it must be available in your software and it must be pushed to the very edge of your organization to fully realize it’s underlying value.

These concepts are at the root of XpertVu.

Video drives the Internet

By 2019, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic will be Video
[Cisco Study]

Video is exploding.  XpertVu, in tandem with the xVu engine is built specifically
to optimize the service providers video service.

Network Operations

XpertVu has a highly configurable alerts component, allowing targeted, specific messages to be sent to individuals or groups with specific responsibilities. This functionality is an evolution of earlier xVu alarm capabilities, originally based on network topology triangulation, where the scope and root node for an issue is determined by triangulation from each consumer device into a representation of network topology.

Service Operations

XpertVu has the flexibility needed to dynamically associate ingested data in real time, even as mappings between device and content source change. This means it can be configured to automatically detect and alert service operations personnel when hotspots are emerging or failures occur, allowing remedial action to be taken swiftly and disruption minimized.

Customer Care

XpertVu outputs are embedded into the operational scripts and workflows. No new screens or dashboards are required. Through XpertVu OnRequest, service providers can simply integrate key values or guidance to ensure that with minimal training the value of the data can be carried through to the edge of the organization. In many cases this is enough to triage the issue. Immediate troubleshooting can be more focused (based on accurate info re what’s happening in the home) and feedback can be given not only on whether a field engineer is being dispatched, but also why (and if not, why not).

Unique Features and Benefits:

  • Signature algorithms and automation speed up decision making: XpertVu uses signatures to characterize the value bits and automatically detect them in the real-time multi-service operational environment, highlighting service-related, network-related and device-related degradations and issues in near real-time value (on the scale of seconds or minutes). With XpertVu, less experienced or specialized resources can make increasingly value-added operational decisions quickly, and the most capable team members are freed up to focus on troubleshooting previously unseen or more complex issues. Ultimately, using the signatures increases the number of issues resolved at the first point of contact for care and field services, and reduces MTTR for network and service outages. Additionally, automated interpretation of the mass of information allows the delivery organization to take ongoing advantage of the increased data available, rather than being overwhelmed by it, standardizing the customer experience.
  • Real-time actionable intelligence reduces expense: Providing real-time insight into end-point consumer devices, XpertVu allows service providers to detect and objectively diagnose RF issues occurring in subscribers’ homes and decide whether or not a service call is necessary, saving technicians’ time and costs.
  • Configurable framework leads to increased flexibility: Since XpertVu is based on a configurable framework, it allows service providers to perform required analysis with practically unlimited flexibility on any given set of input data. service providers can easily apply a defined set of rules to identify situations of interest and then intervene or advise on the appropriate course of action.
  • Comprehensive offline analysis allows deeper troubleshooting: In addition to the automated detection and alerting associated with existing signatures, XpertVu Analytics provides an analytical capability to further empower the service providers
  • Ease of use reduces staff training:  XpertVu enables service providers in particular non-specialized or inexperienced staff, to take immediate action when QoS issues arise.