Startup Canada awards Gerry Pond the Wolf Blass Lifetime Achievement Award

Startup Canada awards Gerry Pond the Wolf Blass Lifetime Achievement Award

Toronto, ON – Startup Canada today announced that Gerry Pond, Co-Founder of Mariner, East Valley Ventures, and a host of other thriving companies, has been awarded the Canada-wide Wolf Blass Lifetime Achievement Award. This follows Pond’s receipt of this award for the Atlantic Canada region in May 2014.

The Wolf Blass Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals that “demonstrate the greatest impact in advancing the success of entrepreneurs, start-ups, start-up communities, and entrepreneurial activities locally, regionally and/or nationally throughout their lifetime.” This description fits squarely with Pond as, amongst his many other qualifications and activities, inspiring and fostering entrepreneurship has been at the heart of his endeavors for over 40 years.

Pond began by instilling innovation and entrepreneurship at NBTel (now Bell Aliant), a telecommunications company which he led and revolutionized in the late 1990’s. Pond transformed NBTel’s culture into one of start-up incubation, which was exceptionally unique within the industry. While leading NBTel, several start-ups were created that grew and thrived, including InnovatiaGenysis Canada, and iMagicTV.

Pond then went on to co-create Mariner – a company that is now the global leader of the IP video quality monitoring industry, as well as a leader within the IT services industry at large. Within Mariner, Pond, along with co-founders Curtis Howe and Bob Justason, instilled the same culture of start-up incubation that was instilled at NBTel.

While continuing to build Mariner, Pond co-founded Propel ICT in 2004, the East Coast’s most disruptive start-up accelerator and, concurrently, furthered his support of entrepreneurship through co-founding East Valley Ventures, an organization with a focus on helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful companies. He then went on to co-found the Pond-Deshpande Centre at the University of New Brunswick, an organization that acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship within New Brunswick, in 2011.

Pond has made it a point to support and advise start-ups because of the many benefits innovation brings to the communities: economic development and employment opportunities being chief outcomes. East Valley Ventures, under Pond’s leadership, has invested in and mentored over 30 technology start-ups.

The above examples are only a few of the entrepreneurial initiatives Pond has engendered during his career, but the common thread among each initiative is undeniable: time and again he has made evident his vision for New Brunswick to become a hub for technology and innovation within Canada.
This prestigious award recognizes individuals who have had a great impact on advancing entrepreneurship – a description Gerry Pond wholeheartedly embodies.

About Mariner 

Founded in 2003, Mariner is one of the largest independently owned Information Technology companies in Atlantic Canada, with nearly 200 professionals. Mariner’s head office is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. Mariner also has offices across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Mariner has a reputation for innovation; we support new start-up IT businesses by providing financial support and access to both management and technical expertise. The Mariner Innovations division has expertise in application development, modernization and support/maintenance services. Mariner is also a leading provider of innovative Software Defined Monitoring for IP Video solutions with the suite of Mariner xVu™ solutions.